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History Survival Guide

A science and history blog that explores scientific concepts with practical information about how to recreate and use the techniques described. The History Survival Guide (or, A Time Traveler’s Guide to Surviving History) has been updating since July 2019.

Each page is the accumulation of research for a particular topic, synthesized and summarized in a useful ‘survival guide’ format. So far, topics covered included using the proper motion of stars to determine what time period a time traveler could have found themselves in, deciphering ‘Hobo Symbols’ of the 1800’s, and how to read the Pioneer Plaque. All pages are done in a pulp science fiction aesthetic.

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Public Python Packages (PyPi)

pip install star-chart-spherical-projection: Sole owner and developer of package to generate star charts (past and future) with spherical projection to overcome spherical distortions with hundreds of named stars that accounts for proper motion, precession, and hemisphere of projection

pip install muller-eot: Sole owner and developer of package to calculate and graph the Equation of Time minute differences from an arbitrary eccentricity and obliquity

pip install pydar: Joint Owner and developer of package to access and manipulate Cassini RADAR data from the image flybys on Saturn’s moon Titan